The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham (LBH&F) has now permanently implemented the Fulham Clean Air Neighbourhood Programme.

The scheme does not restrict access to any areas within the borough but regulates traffic to utilise prescribed (arterial) routes, preventing out-of-borough traffic from using residential streets as shortcuts. Policing the program involves a network of five cameras (indicated by camera icons on the map below) and seven monitoring devices (marked with white circles) located west of Wandsworth Bridge Road. Vehicles passing through these cameras may incur fines ranging from £60 to £130, depending on the timing of payment.

Cars registered in the borough can travel freely through cameras without being penalised. You can find out if this is applicable to you by clicking here and entering your postcode.

All non-local traffic heading to the Club must follow camera-free routes, outlined on the maps and described below, to avoid fines. With one exception noted for those crossing Wandsworth Bridge Road (as detailed below), there are no routine exemptions for travel to and from the Club.


Travelling to the Club via Putney Bridge/Fulham Palace Road and New Kings Road

The map above indicates the recommended routes for reaching the Club via the Main Gate entrance. Non-local traffic should avoid turning right under the railway arch, and continue along New Kings Road, taking any of the available right turns (Grimston or Foskett Road are the first). Those exiting the Main Gate and needing to return via Putney Bridge or Fulham Palace Road should avoid the Hurlingham Road/New Kings Road junction to bypass the cameras, enter New Kings Road via Grimston or Foskett Road and then turn left towards Putney Bridge.


Travelling to the Club via Wandsworth Bridge Road

For those traveling to the Club via Wandsworth Bridge Road, entry should be made through the Back Gate. However, when exiting the Club via the Main Gate, drivers must use the roads north of Broomhouse Lane to reach New Kings Road and beyond.


Travelling to the Club from south of the river via Wandsworth Bridge

Anyone travelling north over Wandsworth Bridge should turn left onto Carnwarth Road and enter the Club via the Back Gate. If returning home directly after your visit, do so via the Main Gate, travelling along Hurlingham Road, passing the camera on Broomhouse Lane, and heading back south over Wandsworth Bridge. As there is no alternative route without passing a camera, the Club has an exemption for this entry and exit route and no fine will be incurred for this journey. During times when the Back Gate is closed (pre-8am and post-8pm), members and guests can drive through the camera north on Broomhouse Lane and enter via the Main Gate without incurring a fine.

Members using the above route to access the Club but intending to travel elsewhere afterward may do so freely but should avoid passing any of the cameras indicated on the maps above.


Taxi's, Uber and Bolt.

Black cabs, local taxi firms and Uber and Bolt drivers are now permitted to traverse the designated areas without incurring fines.


And finally....

LBH&F has installed Automatic Number-plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras outside the Main and Back Gates, at no cost to the Club. These cameras enable collaboration between the Club and LBH&F to monitor traffic volume and facilitate the aforementioned travel arrangements. Data collected by the cameras will not be retained by LBH&F for purposes other than traffic monitoring, although the Club may utilise it to analyse traffic patterns and enhance member experience. The Council’s data privacy policy can be found here.

Further information on the scheme with frequently asked questions can be found on the LBH&F website here.