The Hurlingham Club is committed to improving sustainability throughout the Clubhouse and grounds and also within the local area.

It is important that members, guests and staff understand the impact our day to day lives are having on the environment and society; and the role we play in reducing our carbon footprint to positively influence the world.

In recent years the Club has laid the groundwork to be a more environmentally friendly and community-spirited place for our members. Some of our initiatives have included:


• Joining the Sustainable Restaurant Association
• Implementing the use of a waste-reducing, computerised irrigation system for watering the grounds
• Recycling glass, card and paper
• Donating resources to community projects such as the Hurlingham Park playground

There is still so much more that we can do to ensure the Club and the environment is protected for future generations to enjoy.



We have a waste management and packaging programme in place that ensures our Food and Beverage sustainability includes local sourcing where possible, using sustainable, bio friendly suppliers who adopt high standards of animal welfare, working with suppliers to reduce plastic usage, using environmentally friendly coffee cups, recycling of packaging, waste management and food hygiene.

• All staff working within food and beverage are trained and we have a strict food waste separation and recycling process

• By introducing the above, the Club has reduced significantly the amount of waste which usually ends up on a landfill. The food waste is now being recycled into several renewable products in conjunction with a company called Simply Waste

• Our mixed recycling is also tendered to by Simply Waste and our processes have been in place for around 15 years

• The Hurlingham Club has recently launched Hurlingham branded re-usable tea and coffee cups. The aim is for Members to use re-usable cups instead of take-away cups

• All plastic straws and stirrers have been replaced with paper alternatives

• The Club has switched to using bio-degradable take-away coffee cups and lids

• Plastic plates have been replaced by plates made from 100% compostable or recyclable materials

• Batteries, light tubes/lamps and toners used in the offices are sent in separate containers for recycling

• All glass waste is collected by a company called Suez. General waste is also collected by this company

• All broken/damaged electrical equipment is taken off site in conjunction with WEEE waste regulations

Sustainability at Hurlingham is very important and therefore we would like to inform members that all the packaging used for Alfresco Hurlingham dining is sustainable. The packaging we use to hold food from the Napier Deli and the barbecue is sourced from one of the leading suppliers in sustainable packaging; the majority is plant based and therefore entirely compostable, and the lids are all 100% recyclable and can be placed in the bins labelled for plastic in the Club grounds. Visit to view our supplier.

We politely remind our members to help the Club continue its Sustainable Hurlingham initiative by recycling all items where possible.