We have strict recycling measures and waste management processes in place. Other environmental aspects include; renewable energy, energy efficiency, water management, greener supply chains, biodiversity and our compost mission.

We are currently planning for a full energy and waste audit that will culminate in the first net zero plan The Club has put together. This is a huge step for the Club and we feel, as an active member of the Hammersmith and Fulham Borough, we should have the same goal of being net zero by 2030.

Other active environmental initiatives at the club include:

• The Grounds Team have put up bat boxes, bird houses, and bug hotels and log piles for Stag Beetles in the grounds

• All leaves, grass cuttings, hedge cuttings etc. are recycled in the compost yard. Shredded paper from the offices is added to the compost. This is then stored in the bays and ‘turned’ regularly and a cocktail of beneficial bacteria is added to help speed up the decomposition process. Eventually we end up with a usable compost that the Grounds Team uses on the flower and plant beds and borders

• The Grounds Team is moving away from diesel and petrol-powered maintenance machinery and already have battery powered hedge cutters, strimmers and blower, as well as numerous battery powered vehicles.

• In 2021 we made the decision to eliminate diesel completely by switching to bio-diesel

• We have stopped using weed killer and pesticides, and have employed an integrated pest management system, replacing chemicals with live predators to control pests.

• LED light bulbs are in use in the Club. LED lighting products produce light up to 90% more efficiently than incandescent light bulbs

• The Club have also introduced several beehives. The hives provide one of the most recognisable ecosystem services, pollination, which is what makes food production possible. By doing so, they protect and maintain ecosystems as well as animal and plant species, contributing to genetic and biotic diversity.

• Reusing any plastic plant pots

We are also conscious of the use of vehicles into the Club and would urge members to walk and cycle into the Club whenever possible!