We are proud to launch The Hurlingham Club Foundation, a charitable foundation that is the first of its kind in our 150-year history, and has been initiated, set up and led by members and the Club. We wish to harness our access to the time, grounds and financial assets of the Club and its members to benefit our neighbours in the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, and wider London area.

As a Foundation, we will choose projects based on location, our own values (excellence, prudence, integrity and courtesy) and those of a sporting nature. Projects will also be chosen for maximum impact; as a Foundation it will be important to see and measure tangible charitable impacts in all the work we will do.



The Hurlingham Club Foundation’s mission is to utilise The Hurlingham Club resources to improve, enrich and protect the lives of members of our community and our environment.

Our available resources include the Club’s physical assets and donations of time and money from Club members, staff and other supporters.

Our Hurlingham community encompasses the Club’s close neighbours, the borough of Hammersmith & Fulham and the wider London area.

We aim to be a powerful force for good, making a positive difference to those around us who are in need.



We expect to appoint two additional trustees soon, but the three initial trustees of the Foundation are;

Victoria Hornby – Who has a wealth of experience in working with charities as a dedicated advisor (Bridges Impact Foundation, and is also the current CEO at Mental Health Innovation.

Jamie Crookenden –  Who has been a driving force behind the Club’s community programme and making the inception of The Hurlingham Club Foundation a reality.

Piers Wilson – Our CFO, Piers, has been instrumental in working with advisers and the Charities Commission to set up the Foundation.

Paul Denza – Who brings with him decades of experience as a solicitor specialising in trusts, wills, probate and tax.

Katia Roele – Who will be the Foundation’s representative on main committee and brings a variety of corporate social responsibility experience. 



There are numerous ways to get involved or donate to The Hurlingham Club Foundation. Firstly, and most simply, you can donate here.

Alternatively, you can contact CSR Manager, Will Radford ( for any other queries or to donate over the phone (0207 610 7517).
In addition, please keep on the lookout for future volunteering opportunities publicised through the Club.